Protecting Those Most Vulnerable Against Ticks

It’s widely known that the most vulnerable will be the pets in your home. Logistically speaking, these animals, short in size, are quite close to the ground. So it goes that they become easy pickings for ticks that work its way from the ground up. It’s very easy for them to leap on the animal’s back and there’s very little the poor creature can do about it apart from scratching itself to kingdom come.

Usually in vain. Flea or tick powder could work, particularly if it’s a product that’s been recommended by the local vet, but the problem is this. After a few months of tick-free heaven, the critters are back again to begin their chowing expedition all over again. People may forget that small children, particularly toddlers and infants are quite vulnerable too. At their age there is next to nothing that they can do to ward off the ticks.

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They are powerless too. And so are you. Forget about tick and flea powder, they don’t solve the problem. Forget about poisons you’ve been wasting your time and money on down at the hardware store or supermarket. They do more harm than good. But do remember the tick exterminator lafayette van the next time you see it slowly coaching around your neighbourhood. There’s someone sensible in your neighbourhood.

They gave the exterminator a call. And so should you. The number’s displayed on the side of the van. Now, the exterminator is a man for all jobs. Not just ticks, but mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas and termites too. Make enquiries and you may just find that he has a solution for rats and mice too. And don’t be offended if he tells you that you must clean up your act. Because these creatures love it when it’s dirty.